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Annapolis is our home, so  naturally, we love our beautiful, little colonial town. We are proud to showcase it's beauty and charm and want to share with you the things which we most enjoy.

 Personal Experience


The following are some of our favorites when we are back in our hometown, although you will be hard-pressed to find any restaurant in this area is that is not good.  We have categorized them for you and some may appear in more than one place.  Reservations are usually a must if you want to have dinner at most of these places.

Best Nautical Atmosphere -

  • McGarvey's - Market Space, Annapolis dockside
  • Pusser's Annapolis, Compromise St. just up from Fawcetts Chandlery
  • Chart House - 222 Severn Ave.,  Eastport

Best Colonial Atmosphere -

  • Treaty of Paris Restaurant - Maryland Inn, Main St. and Church Circle, Annapolis
  • Middleton Tavern - Dockside
  • Harry Brown's - State Circle, Annapolis

Best Jazz Venue -

  • King of France Tavern - Maryland Inn, Main St and Church Circle, Annapolis

Best Water View -

  • Chart House - 222 Severn Ave., Eastport
  • Pusser's - Annapolis 
  • Phillips Crab House - Dockside
  • Carrol's Creek Cafe, Severn Ave., Eastport
  • Buddy's Crab House -Main St.  More of a family type restaurant., but it does overlook "ego alley", the Annapolis inner harbor.

Best Raw Oyster Bar -

  • McGarvey's - Market Space, City Dock  This is the best place to get a taste of the world-famous Chesapeake Bay oysters.

Best Pubs -

  • Mums - Dockside
  • Davis's Pub - Chester Ave., Eastport
  • Ram's Head Tavern - West St., just off Church Circle
  • McGarvey's - Market Space
  • Riodan's - Market Space
  • Fran O'Brian's - Dockside

Best Italian Restaurant -

  • Maria's - 12 Market Space, dockside.

Best Seafood -

  • O'Leary's Seafood House - located on Severn Ave. in Eastport.
  • Chart House - 222 Severn Ave., Eastport.

Best Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs -

  • Cantlers Riverside Inn - located off Rt. 50 toward the Bay Bridge.  Ask any local or at the Visitor Information Center for directions.  It is well out of the way and no there is no public transportation, so you will need a car, but is definitely worth the trip to get the true flavor of a Chesapeake Bay crab house.  You can can sail to it, but it is somewhat of a tricky route up a narrow estuary.
  • St Michaels Crab House - This is located in Eastern Bay on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  It, too, is well away from Annapolis, but is easy  an day sail, although it is usually not possible to get over there and back in one day.   The town of St. Michaels is a lovely colonial town with cute, little gift shops and restaurants.

Cafe with Great Character -

  • Chick 'n Ruth's Cafe - Main St.  This little cafe has been around since the 1950's and represents the old-style, linoleum-floor places that use to fill Main St. at that time.  Unfortunately, both Chick and Ruth have passed on, but the cafe is still in the family and is now run by their son, Rusty.  The waitresses are a bit crass, but friendly and the service is quick, the food cheap and good.  Be sure to check out the permanent booth for former Maryland Governor Mandel and State Treasurer Goldstein.  Also many of the sandwiches are named after current and past politicians or use Naval Academy terms.  They used to be open 24 hours, but I believe they now close sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

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Things to See and Do

The best time to visit Annapolis is in the Autumn which, coincidently, coincides with, arguably, the biggest spectacle on the East Coast - the Annapolis In the Water Boat Show.  The atmosphere of the city is full of excitement and cheer and the huge old oak, dogwood, and magnolia trees that grace the grounds of the historic district are in full autumn color.
  • Tour the Naval Academy
  • Take a guided tour through the historic district and government buildings and houses.
  • Take a narrated cruise of the Annapolis Harbor on the Harbor Queen or on the ferry boat, St. Anne
  • Walk the grounds of historic St. John's College
  • Shop along Maryland Avenue
  • Visit Washington, DC
  • Take a ride on an old Skipjack oyster boat
  • Walk up and down the streets of the city looking at the colonial, historical homes.
  • Take a drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the Eastern shore and visit the antique shops in the towns of Easton, Oxford, and St. Michael's
  • Attend the Annapolis Boat Show (Oct.)

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