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Grand Palace

The Grand Palace was truly grand with lots of golden chedis (pagados), ornate Wats and Buddhas. Grand Palace entrance.jpg (21606 bytes)  Grand Palace Chedi.jpg (27526 bytes)   Grand palace demons.jpg (26227 bytes)  Grand Palace spirit house.jpg (27275 bytes)  Grand Palace statue.jpg (18893 bytes)

  Sharon & Stephanie in sarongs.jpg (24732 bytes)  Grand Palace Wat walls.jpg (25525 bytes)  Grand Palace buildings.jpg (25781 bytes)    Grand Palace grounds.jpg (19990 bytes)  Emerald Buddha Wat.jpg (20887 bytes)

Ayuthaya (The Ancient Capital)

Ayuthaya Historical Park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This old city was once the Siamese royal capital from 1350 1767 when it was attacked and destroyed by the Burmese. Ayuthaya Buddha.jpg (17590 bytes)  Ayuthaya chedis.jpg (23694 bytes)  Khmer style chedi.jpg (19157 bytes)  Ayuthaya reclining Buddha.jpg (23599 bytes) 
  Buddha head in tree roots.jpg (33444 bytes)   Ayuthaya headless Buddhas.jpg (23313 bytes)  Ayuthaya Buddha and ruins.jpg (27463 bytes)

Thai Classical Dancing

Thai dancing depicts ancient stories and legends with beautiful stylized movements, elaborate costumes and masks Ramanaya dancers.jpg (24779 bytes)  Ramanyana Demon.jpg (21549 bytes)    Ramayana actors.jpg (24249 bytes)   Thai Dancer.jpg (16310 bytes) 

Thai Friend - Tansee

A chance meeting by Stephanie with this delightful Thai lady on a plane to LA brought us to an afternoon lunch at a noodle restaurant and interesting conversation.  Tansee owns a Montessori school for pre-school children in Bangkok and teach Classical Thai dancing.  Her daughter attends University in the US. Lunch at a noodle restaurant.jpg (29192 bytes)      Tansee & Stephanie.jpg (22515 bytes)

Bangkok Waterways

The Chao Phraya River is one of the major modes of transportation in traffic-choked Bangkok for both commuters and shipping. Chao Phraya Longtail boat.jpg (21460 bytes)  Chao Phraya River scenery.jpg (21030 bytes)  Sharon & Stephanie on Bangkok Ferry.jpg (24428 bytes)  Rama IX Bridge.jpg (16017 bytes) 

Scenes along river.jpg (23952 bytes)

Thornburi Canals - These canals are another of the transporation systems in the city.  Thonburi canal Wat.jpg (24831 bytes)  Thonburi canal house.jpg (22586 bytes)  Thonburi canal longtail boat.jpg (18398 bytes)



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