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Our niece, Bekah, enjoyed spending the summer on Long Passages

Ancient Roman harbor of Kalecei in Antalya

Proudly showing off her catch

Dinner at a Turkish trout restaurant with Marsha and George

We are sitting on Turkish cushions on a platform situated out over the fast flowing river

Ampitheater at the Roman ruins of Termessoss

Relaxing in the 100 degree heat at Termessoss

Hanging out at the Roman ruins at Termessoss

Lycian tomb

Roman column with greek lettering

Standing in a window

Under sail

A favorite perch

Tube-riding - a near death-defying experience

Another favorite pastime on Long Passages

Town Harbor of Kas

Lunch overlooking Kas Harbor

Marmaris town dock with lots of Gulets

Lovely ruins of Ephesus

Relaxing in the heat at Ephesus

Pools of Pamukkale

Limestone terraces of Pamukkale

Wading in the pools to cool off

Clear spring waters of Cleopatra's pool at Pamukkale

Click here to see Bekah in Greece


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