Chiang Mai
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Trip to Mae Hong Son

Elephant Camp

Elephant in village.jpg (23154 bytes)  Elephant and baby.jpg (26609 bytes)   Elephant grazing.jpg (24602 bytes)
Bamboo Raft Bamboo Rafting in Mae Hong Son.jpg (23586 bytes)   Bamboo rafting.jpg (20641 bytes)  Sharon & Stephanie Rafting.jpg (26565 bytes)
Cave - This cave contained teak coffins that were reached by a climb up steep ladders in the dark through bat guano. Cave raft ride.jpg (24493 bytes)  Cave entrance.jpg (22349 bytes)   Cave teak coffin.jpg (19572 bytes)

Hilltribe People

Lisu Village - These people live in northern Thailand and are characterised by the coloful tunics

Lisu woman and child.jpg (13979 bytes)  Lisu people in rice field.jpg (27400 bytes)  Lisu mother and baby.jpg (28401 bytes)  Lisu School children.jpg (21124 bytes)  Lisu woman & Sharon.jpg (24614 bytes)
 that they wear Lisu woman with crafts.jpg (26215 bytes)   Lisu crafts person.jpg (21292 bytes)   Lisu woman and Judi.jpg (21614 bytes)  Lisu village house.jpg (22387 bytes)

Karen (Long Neck People) Village

Long Neck village girl.jpg (34424 bytes)   Long Neck Village school girl.jpg (20752 bytes)   Long Neck People Sharon poses with.jpg (21649 bytes)   Long Neck village.jpg (28510 bytes)  Long Neck woman.jpg (15317 bytes) 

 These people are refugees from Burma.  The women wear heavy brass neck rings

 Long Neck woman with baby.jpg (23398 bytes)  Long Neck old woman.jpg (22986 bytes)  Long Neck woman with Judi.jpg (26531 bytes)  Long Neck village house.jpg (24346 bytes)  Long Neck girl weaving.jpg (20326 bytes)

Thai Cooking Class

Thai food, tends to be somewhat spicy, but it is also very healthy with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs.  Taking this class was lots of fun and we learned a lot about Asian vegetables and fruits

Cooking Class Market trip.jpg (28132 bytes)  Cooking Class vegetables.jpg (26761 bytes)   Cooking Class Chef.jpg (22923 bytes)   Cooking Class Chef 2.jpg (19647 bytes)

  Stephanie at Cooking Class.jpg (26605 bytes)    Sharon at Thai cooking class.jpg (25610 bytes)  Thai Cooking Class dishes.jpg (32833 bytes)


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