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The people in China were extremely friendly and helpful, and some stand out for helping make our trip extra enjoyable.  Plus, we can't thank Lonely Planet enough!

Lonely Planet - Our Bible!!

We carried the China Lonely Planet guide everywhere we went, and found it to be indispensable.  The city maps, the Mandarin hotel names, street names and phrases and the recommendations for some of the out-of-the-way places really helped us get around in a country with few English signs outside of the big cities. We wouldn't take a trip like this without it!

Mr. Ren Ming   - Xi'an

Mr. Ren made air, train, and hotel accommodations for us in several cities.  We were able to call him on his mobile, and make arrangements after we had left Xi'an.  He even negotiated with hotel clerks on our behalf when we had problems. He speaks English very well, listens well, and is very helpful. We highly recommend him.

  • Address: China Golden Bridge Travel Service, Room 227 Bell Tower Hotel, Xi'an
  • Phone: (029) 725 8863,     Mobile: 136 0911 8978
  • Fax: (029) 725 8863            Email:

Mr. Richard Yang - Leshan

Mr. Yang is a retired translator, and he speaks English and Russian (if the need should arise) very well.  He operates Yang's Services that "...specializes in helping foreigners understand China...".  He organizes a very interesting cultural tour in Leshan that presents excellent insight into everyday small-town life for a very reasonable price.  Recently he has expanded his work to include:

  • Help with setting up businesses
  • Teaching Chinese
  • Assist with travel in China (tickets ,hotel, guide, reservation, etc )
  • General information on China

 We recommend him very highly. 

  • Address: 154 Bai Ta Street Building 1 Unit 4, Floor 2, Leshan, Sichuan Province
  • Phone: 0833 211 2046,     Mobile: (0) 130 364 56184
  • Fax: 0833 211 2046            Pager: 0833 9616 7998 9483
  • Email:

Mr. Patrick Yang  - Emeishan

Patrick is a young man with good knowledge of the Emeishan mountain and local area and a fair command of English.  He divides his time between guiding tours and running the family farm.  We enjoyed meeting him very much and felt that he was very honest and trustworthy. 

  • Address: Baoguo Monastery, Emeishan, Sichuan Province; could also be contacted through the Teddy Bear Cafe in Emeishan or through Mr. Richard Yang (not related), listed above).
  • Mobile: 137 0813 1210
  • Email:

Mr. Tang Ming - Zhangjiajie   

Mr. Tang is on the staff at the Pipa Xi Hotel.  He was extremely helpful in a place that had few aids for the English-speaking traveler and provided us with a lot of suggestions for visiting the many areas around Zhangjiajie, which saved us money and allowed us to make the best use of our time.  He has an excellent English vocabulary and is one of the few English-speakers that we met in Zhangjiajie.  We do not normally include for-profit information in our web-site, but Tang Ming sent us some information in 2005 which the reader can view at the Tang Ming page.

Mr Jing Yong Hua - (aka Jimmy) - Guilin

Jimmy was our guide for the 4 days we spent in Guilin and nearby Yangshuo.  He facilitated getting tours and making local travel arrangements.  He seemed to working side-deals everywhere we went, but delivered everything he promised to us. 

  • Address: 2/F, 15 Sanduo Road, Guilin, Guangxi Province, 541001
  • Phone: (0773) 281 7761     Mobile: 130 3683 4652     Pager: 127 150 2252
  • Fax: (0773) 282 7377            Email:

Victoria Cruises

Victoria Cruise ship.jpeg (10624 bytes)This company is located in New York, but handled our request for bookings very quickly by fax from China. Their web-site has all of the necessary contact information.



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