Easter Island
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[Rapa-Nui National Park] [The Quarry] [ Restored Statues] Aug 1994
The land of the Rapa-Nui and quite isolated, it has stone statues unlike those on any other Polynesian island - its culture collapsed in the 1700's, probably due to over-population.

Rapa Nui National Park

With 12 other cruisers, we jumped at a cheap tour to Easter Island - a 5-hour flight on Lan Chile and 3 days on this mysterious island.  Rapa-Nui, as it known by its traditional inhabitants is 5000 miles from Tahiti half-way to Chile.    It was settled from French Polynesia; presumably in big canoes like they used to reach New Zealand.

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The Quarry

All statues were carved at the same location, a 'quarry', and then transported to their final positions . Many statues remain at the base of the quarry, abandoned as the population dwindled on the island. About 100 statues are distributed around the island and over 200 are near the quarry. 

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Restored Statues

The statues are more impressive in life than in National Geographic - most are about 35' high, although there is one 65' behemoth. The top knots are carved from scorcia and come from a different quarry.

After this short detour we set sail for American Samoa

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