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We have installed a lot of equipment on 'Long Passages' over the last 12 years, most of it good and some not so good.  Here are our opinions, subject to a caveat - use them as just one input into your decisions.

J Good Experience   K Mixed Reviews   L Bad Experience




Alternator, Balmar 105 amp

J Dependable, modest output

Anchor, CQR, 45#

J Our standard

Anchor, Danforth, 25#

J Good.

Antenna tuner, SGC 2000

J Can use w/2 radios

Autopilot, Autohelm 3000

K Worked OK, repaired 3 times

Autopilot, Autohelm ST4000

J Good so far, belt lasted 400 miles; bearings frooze after 5000 miles.

Batteries, Prevailer 27

JJ One lasted 9 years, 2d is still good.

Batteries, Prevailer 4D

JJ First set lasted 10 years; we 'cooked' one with 16 volts of charging voltage.
Battery monitor, Cruising Equipment Amp-Hours + J Very useful, amp-hour computation not accurate

Bilge pump, Edson Gusher 30 manual

K Hard to stow

Bilge pump, West Marine 500

L Couldn't lift water 5'

Bilge pump, Whale Gusher 10 manual

K Have rebuilt twice

Bilge pumps, Rule 350/500

LL Have replaced 3 in 9 years

Bilge pumps, Rule 3500


Bilge switches, Rule regular

L Have replaced 3 in 9 years

Bilge switches, Rule Super

K Have replaced 1 in 9 years

Blocks, Shaefer

J Mostly good; a couple have frozen from corrosion

Boom, Selden single-line reefing

J Smooth operation

Compass, Danforth Constellation

J Good.

Compass, KVH Sailcomp 103AC fluxgate

L Display died after 2 years, had to buy replacement and new one is intermittent after 4 months use.

Deck wash pump kit, Groco


Dinghy, Avon 280

J Has stood up well.

Engine, Yanmar 4JH2E

JJ No bleeding required.


K Short range but good back-up.

EPIRB, Litton/Guest 406

K Batteries expensive, must send to factory.

Foul weather gear, Henri-Lloyd

J Ultra-dry

Foul weather gear, Musto

JJ Love the Gore-tex
Furler, Pro Furl N42C for genoa JJ Solid unit, easy to install
Furler, Mariner for staysail K OK, only good for reefing
Furler, Harken#435 for drifter J Good, must blanket sail for wind over 10 kt

GPS, Garmin 45

K Short battery life.

GPS, Garmin 128

J Good functionality.

GPS, Micrologic Explorer

K Good but out of business

Hailer, Horizon HL5

K Not very powerful

Instruments, B&G Network

K Good functions, low reliability
Instrument, Standard Horizon depth J Good back-up, 'hockey puck' inside hull

Inverter, 220 VAC, StatPower


Inverter, ProWatt 800 watt 110VAC

Life Sling J Seems OK, never used, cover lasts 2 years
Line-toppers Lewmar D1 J Good.
Line-toppers Lewmar D2 J Good, although needed 14mm clutch to handle 12 mm line.

Outboard, Tohatsu 3 HP

K Noisy and rough.

Outboard, Yamaha 8HP

J Smooth; must service yearly
Paint, bottom, Petit Trinidad JJ Lasts 3 years, only available in US
Paint, bottom, Interlux K Various types available worldwide
Paint, varnish, Schooner J Good finish; lots of work
Paint, Sikkens Cetol JJ Easy to apply, lasts 1 year

Radar detector, CARD

L Rarely detects ship before we do.

Radar, Raytheon 20X

J Good, needed major service at 8 years.

Radio, ICOM IC735 Ham transceiver - MF and HF bands

J Dependable at 12 years old; modified to use Marine SSB frequencies in an emergency.
Radio, ICOM IC-M710 Single sideband (SSB) transceiver for maritime mobile (MF and HF) bands J Solid transceiver although awkward to use; modified to use ham frequencies in an emergency.

Radio, VHF, ICOM IC-M11 handheld

K Battery packs have failed several times.

Radio, VHF, ICOM IC-M59


Reaching pole, Forespar 23'

J Heavy but versatile.

Refrigeration, Adler Barber Cold Machine

J Dependable although not real efficient

Regulator, Balmar ARS

K Original rarely put out more than 45 amps. Failed after 8 years and new one is a little quirky.

Safety Harness, Larakis

J Comfortable.

Sails, Houseley

JJ Bullet-proof.

Sails, North Sails - NZ

K Mediocre worksmanship
Sails, Doyle-Hild J Have been happy with their work

Sea Boots, Musto M2

L Fell apart after 1 year.

Solar panel, Solaris 30 watt flexible


Solar panels, Siemens 55 watt

JJ Great.

Steering, Edson ST-400 pedestal


Stove/oven, Gas Systems


Toilet, Criddenton-Wilcox Head-Mate

J Good for a cheap head.

Water filter, General Ecology Seagull IV

J Have stayed healthy for 9 years.

Water heater, Atlantic Stainless 4 gal

LL Have replaced tank 4 times.

Water pump, Jet-flo

J Dependable.

Water pump, Whale foot

J Good.

Water pumps, Par

L Kept bursting.

Watermaker, PUR PowerSurvivor

J One service in 8 years.
Weatherfax, Furuno 206 JJ Versatile and good backup receiver

Weatherfax software, PC HF Fax 7

K OK, superceded.

Weatherfax software, Xaxero

J Newer technology.

Winches, Barient 10 to 28

JJ Sorry they are out of business.

Winches, Lewmar 36 to 48

J Good experience so far.

Wind generator, Ampair 100

K Quiet but low output

Windlass, SeaTiger 555 anchor

J Powerful; 1 rebuild

Wind-vane, Monitor

JJ Wouldn't leave port without it.

Caveat - This summarizes our experience with various equipment on board.  Our experience may differ from others using the same equipment or different models from the same manufacturer.  We make no recommendations for others to follow.  We make no representations about similar equipment or other units or models  by the same or different manufacturers.  Despite all of these caveats, we believe our experience is typical for a long-distance cruiser and believe our observations are reasonable.


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