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[Viti Levu] [Kadavu] [Malolo Lailai]            Jul-Sep 1998
Fiji is an industrious republic, a part of the British Commonwealth (occasionally expelled for undemocratic practices) with lots of resorts and beautiful beaches and small  islands. 

Viti Levu

The Republic of Fiji has 2 main islands (the other is Vanua Levu) and scores of medium and small ones. Viti Levu is the site of Suva, the capital, and first destination for many cruisers. The population is half Fijian and half Indian, a source of ongoing conflict within the country. They have learned bureaucracy well and after 24 hours of squalls leading to our landfall, the multiple forms seemed to be one big nuisance. We took a river tour and were introduced to village life and the importance of education in their lives.  Sugar cane is king, their principal export covers much of the island.

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About 30 miles south of Suva lies the Astrolabe reef with crystal clear waters, lots of coral heads or 'bommies' just below the surface to catch the unaware.  We anchored for 1 day at Dravuni, and then ducked into Kavala Bay on the island of Kadavu to avoid 25 knot winds.  There we met a wonderful Fijian family who shared several meals and a neighborhood kava party with us.  They live simply, are quite religious, and freely share what they have.  In return, we fixed radios, a stove and sewing machine for the village.  We have remained in touch through mail ever since. The children, unused to white skin, would stroke Bob's arm saying 'palangi', their term for 'white man'

Malolo Lailai

The home to the Musket Cove Resort and marina, we had a blast there! They have all items needed by cruisers, access to the main island by ferry, and we all felt welcome by Dick Smith, the resort owner.  During the week before the Musket Cove to Port Vila Regatta, scores of cruisers met, drank, partied, went on diving trips, snorkeled, and got ready for a fun trip in company with new friends. The Musket Cove Marina continues to run this annual regatta, to the delight of many cruisers. 

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The Regatta then headed on to Port Vila, Vanuatu.

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