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Hanko, Finland-  This is were we landed from the ferry ride from Rostock, Germany across the Baltic.  It is a small, coastal town with attractive wooden homes, a haven for kite surfing and green woodlands.        

Helsinki and Porvoo

Helsinki - This city combines scenic harbors and skylines with a friendly and cosmopolitan high tech atmosphere.



Porvoo - a delightful fishing villages with colorful red wooden fishing houses.




 We spent a wonderful day at a lake house of friends of Ilona and Jaska's including real Finnish sauna.


 We topped off the day by attending a performance by the Bolshoi Ballet of Swan Lake in the 18th century Savonlinna Castle.


Arctic Circle

Hiking along a river north of the Arctic Circle



While at the Arctic Circle we took time to visit Santa's Post Office.


Strange and wondrous sights

  We saw many beautiful and strange sights including:
  • Tree branch clearing using chainsaws being flown thru the tree with a helicopter
  • A field of the Silent People which were stick people dressed with clothing and having a marsh head
  • Ferry crossing sign
  • Reindeer crossing sign and a moose



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