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Sightseeing and Shopping 

We shopped until we dropped

  Shopping for pearls    Water Buffaloes    Thailand Cape Promthrep.jpg (14098 bytes)    Thailand Cape Promthrep Lighthouse.jpg (17590 bytes)

Fantasea - Phuket's version of Disneyland

Fantasea was fantastic

  Thailand Fantasea.jpg (31076 bytes)   Thailand Fantasea dining hall.jpg (19047 bytes)    Thailand Fantasea lovely Thai girl.jpg (18706 bytes)   Thailand Fantasea Lights.jpg (21749 bytes)   Thailand Fantasea feeding elephants.jpg (18491 bytes)    

Phi Phi Island and Patong Beach  

Definitely a Backpackers heaven and a lovely place to hang out Thailand Trip to Phi Phi Island.jpg (19611 bytes)  Thailand Longtail boat at Phi Phi.jpg (18727 bytes)  Thailand Phi Phi Island scenery.jpg (14335 bytes)  Thailand Phi Phi Island Longtails.jpg (17299 bytes) Patong Beach babes.jpg (21241 bytes)   

 Simon Cabaret - (These really are all men!)

This was a fun show that will forever cause you to question someone's gender. Thailand Simon Cabaret.jpg (16412 bytes)  Thailand Simon Cabaret ladyboy.jpg (21008 bytes)   Thailand Simon Cabaret performers.jpg (20303 bytes)  Thailand Simon Cabaret'sTina.jpg (18470 bytes)  Thailand Simon Cabaret  ladyboy singer.jpg (16802 bytes)  Thailand Simon Cabaret photo op.jpg (17365 bytes)

Sea Canoe

Wonderful and peaceful day exploring the island hongs (enclosed lagoon pools) of Phang Nga Bay.

Thailand Phangna Bay.jpg (14786 bytes)   Thailand James Bond Island.jpg (41391 bytes)   Thailand Phangna Bay formations.jpg (16964 bytes)  Sea canoe cave.jpg (22347 bytes)   Paddling through an island hong.jpg (26259 bytes)  Sea Canoe hong.jpg (26226 bytes)   Entering cave from hong.jpg (20269 bytes)


Phuket Vegetarian Festival

In the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar (usually October), a unique and bizarre festival takes place by Thai-Chinese people at their temples called the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.  Follow this link for a history of the event and bizarre and incredible pictures.



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