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There are a plethora of anchorages surrounding the island of Phuket and too many to list on this page.  So we have summarized the ones described in the Sail Thailand cruising guide.  If you plan to cruise this area at all, it is strongly suggested that you purchase the guide.  It is available in marinas and chandleries from Singapore to Thailand.  In Langkawi, you can usually get it at S.K. Intertrade copy shop in Kuah or at the Sunsail office at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.  To see a list of anchorages in Phuket, click on East Anchorages or West Anchorages.

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Phuket Boat Lagoon - The best place for getting lots of work done on your boat and the closest to all cruising amenities.


Floating docks Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump Out Facility

Gym, Tennis Court, Billiards Room, 3 Restaurants,  Hotel, 2-story resort townhouse,  2 Swimming Pools,  Chandlery, Boat Repair Yard, 3 Travelifts, Workshop for engine, mechanical, electrical and electronic repairs. *Water at docks is for washing only - not for drinking  and should not be put into water tanks.   See cruising amenities below for instructions on how to get drinking water.

Mailing Address:
Phuket Boat Lagoon
22/1 Moo 2 Thepkasattri Rd.
Kohkaew, Muang, Phuket  83002  Thailand

Harbor Master: Thana Tharadolparb

  • Phone: (66) 76 239 055
  • Fax:  (66) 76 239 056
  • Hours: 8 am - 5 pm 7 days a week
  • Email:
  • VHF:  71

Dockmaster:  Mr. Dusit


  • Closest marina to Phuket Town
  • Very sheltered location protected in all directions.
  • Large boat maintenance area.
  • Most Yacht services located on premises.  The best place to do work and major refits. 
  • Many cruising amenities located within walking distance.
  • Modestly priced air-conditioned accommodation available to those who are having work done on their boat or who may just want to escape the heat.
  • Large, storage lockers available for off loading unnecessary boat items and sails,


  • Limited  access through a tortuous channel.  Boats drawing more then 5 feet will have to enter/leave on a high tide and some may even require a spring tide.  Boats drawing more than 6 feet would be better off going into Yacht Haven.

  • Very muddy, dirty water in marina, but bottom-growth is surprising low.

  • Mosquitoes are a problem during the rainy season.

 The Yacht Haven  - Lovely, peaceful marina with the best access to the beautiful Phang Nga cruising grounds.


Floating docks Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump Out Facility

3 Restaurants, Pub, Phone, fax and computer hook-ups at dock.

Mailing Address:
The Yacht Haven
57/5 Moo 2, T. Maikhow
A. Thalang, Phuket 83140
Harbor Master: 
  • Phone: (66) 76 204 705
  • Fax:  (66) 76 206 706
  • Hours: 8 am - 5 pm 7 days a week
  • Email:
  • VHF:  68
  • Deep water (2.5 meters) approach via a buoyed channel to marina which can be accessed on all tides.  Be aware of strong currents.
  • Close to the airport
  • Close to the Phang Nga Bay cruising area
  • Open location which catches all the cooling breezes
  • Far from Phuket Town (40 min. drive)
  • Not close to any cruising amenities
  • No breakwater around marina to block waves from tour boats and strong winds
  • No maintenance facilities on premises

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Cruiser Amenities

Grocery Stores -  Boat Lagoon Area
  • Small supermarket located in "strip" of stores on the right as you exit Boat Lagoon Marina. 
  • Lotus Tesco - Large supermarket/mall located on left side of Chao Fa Rd. (Rt. 402)  West about 8km. from Boat Lagoon.
  • Big C - Newest supermarket/mall located along same road about 1km past Lotus Tesco  on right.

Phuket Town

  • Robinsons/Tops- Large supermarket/ department store located on Tilok Uthit 1 Rd. near Ocean Shopping Mall.
  • Big One  - Smaller supermarket located on bottom level of Ocean Shopping Mall.

Internet  Access-

  • Marina Office - you can plug in your own PC using a phone jack in the office - 40 baht for 10 mins. to an hour(s).
  • Loxinfo - If you want to use a local provider, you can buy and use the equivalent of a "phone card" which will give you a local phone number to use to connect to the internet using your own PC.  Using the phone jack in the marina office or a hotel room, you can connect using the Loxinfo card.  Follow the installation directions and a Loxinfo icon will appear on your desktop.  (160 baht for 12 hours access.)

Banks/ATMs - Plus/Cirrus ATM located at entrance of Boat Lagoon and several in Phuket Town.

Propane Refills - This place is located near Boat Lagoon.  Cross the highway at the Boat Lagoon entrance over to the small road next to "Green Chairs" restaurant. The company is located on the left about  1/2 kilometer down the small road.  You will see the filling hoses.  They will fill while you wait. The day we went there were 2 guys welding just in front of the propane area, so wait at you own risk.

Shopping Centers   Boat Lagoon Area
  • Lotus Tesco - Large "mall" which consists of a "Super Walmart" type store, surrounded by several smaller stores, including 'Dunkin Donuts.'    Located on Chao Fa Rd. (402) about 8 km. from Boat Lagoon.  You can either drive or catch a Tuk-tuk or taxi.
  • Big C - same concept as Lotus Tesco, but is has a large shopping area on the lower level, a 'Mr. Donut' shop, KFC and a terrific sushi restaurant and an internet cafe on the upper level.   Located about 1km. past Lotus Tesco on the right.

Phuket Town

  • Ocean Shopping Mall - located on Tilok Uthit 1 Rd. in Phuket Town.
  • Robinson's - located next to Ocean Shopping Mall on Tilok Uthit 1 Rd.  This is like a real department store, with a large supermarket on the lower level (similar to Singapore malls) and clothing, linens, housewares and electronics on the upper levels.

Drinking Water - Arrange with the Boat Lagoon marina office to have drinking water delivered to your boat.  The water comes in 20 litre containers (10 bahts/ container) which they will pour into your water tanks.  Also 6 litre containers of mineral water are available at the supermarket at Boat Lagoon.  The water at Yacht Haven is spring fed and potable, although there may be some sediment, so it is probably a good idea to use a filter

Laundry -  No self-service laundry at Boat Lagoon.  There is a laundry service located at the end of the building that houses the Supermarket off the Boat Lagoon entrance road. Rates are reasonable and charged by the piece with 10-15 lbs. (4-6 kilos) of assorted clothing costing between 300-400 baht.  Open Mon.-Sat., 9am - 1pm

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Bus - Open-air buses run all over the island.  The price is 10 baht from Boat Lagoon into Phuket Town.  Signal the driver to pick you up.

Tuk-tuks - These are small pick-up trucks with benches in the back.  Flag them down and negotiate the price to where you want to go.  Beware that many will try to take you to a jewelry shop or souvenir shop before taking you to your destination.  There should be no charge for the trip if you agree to stop and look in the shop.

Car Rental - Gigat Services located at Boat Lagoon.  Can rent Suzuki Caribbean (sic) 4WD vehicles for 700 baht/day.  These are pretty well worn, but you can occasionally get a good one.

Taxis - There is a price list for most places on the island.  If you do not have one available, then negotiate the price before getting into the taxi.

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Yacht Services

Long Passages had a major facelift in Thailand so we  have a lot of information on Yacht Services in the Phuket area.  Because this section is so large, we decided to put it on a separate page.  Most of the companies listed on the Phuket Yacht Services page were used by us and reflect the experiences that we had.  These are not necessarily recommended by us but our experiences with those vendors with the was generally good.

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Dentists -  Bangkok Phuket Hospital and many others located in that area in in Phuket town. Hospitals
  • Bangkok Phuket Hospital -  They offer a complete health assessment package that includes blood tests, bone density, X-rays, dental check and heart stress test all for about US $150 - a great value
  • Phuket Hospital - located on by-pass road on the right between Lotus Tesco and Big C.

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 The following are services or places visited and recommended by Bob and Judi. We can only say that our experience was a good one and we hope that you will also have a favorable experience.
Restaurants - Although there are hundreds of restaurants on Phuket, these are some of our favorites.

 Boat Lagoon area -

  • The Bakery - located in Boat Lagoon complex in the shops located on the side of the lagoon where the marina office is located.  Great buns, croissants, and sandwiches
  • Scampi's - located near hardstand area.  Fairly good Mediterranean cuisine.  They host a BBQ for cruisers every Wednesday starting about 6:30pm.  Bring something to put on BBQ or order something from Chet.  A selection of salads are served all for 100 baht!   Open for lunch and dinner.  They have good pizzas which they will deliver to your room or boat.
  • Watermark - This is an "upscale" restaurant located in Boat Lagoon serving contemporary Australian and Thai cuisine and the prices reflect this.  The ambience and location is good, but the prices are too high to justify it.  They have a "happy hour" on Friday evenings which almost make the drinks affordable.
  • "Coca Cola" restaurant - No one knows the real name of this place, but it has a Coca Cola sign out front and Coca Cola tablecloths.  Excellent Thai foods at good value.  Located about 200m north of the Boat Lagoon entrance.   Walk up to the overpass, cross over and it is located almost where you exit on the other side of the highway.   The service is pretty slow because each order is cooked one-at-a-time by the cook.  Open for dinner only.
  • Boat Lagoon resort restaurant- Buffet-style lunch and dinner.
  • Baan Sapam Restaurant - located right outside the entrance to Boat Lagoon on the right.  Good Thai foods at good value.  Go out to the entrance and turn right and walk just a few feet.

           Phuket Town and elsewhere

  • Salvatore's  - Great authentic Italian food.  Located on Ratsada Rd. near the round-about.
  • The Natural Restaurant - Located on a small street off Ratsada/Ranong Rd. Go past the circle and market and take the 1st left at the Chinese temple.  Go about 1/2 kilometer - the restaurant is hidden in the foliage on the left just before you exit onto Bangkok Rd.  This places serves fantastic Thai food at reasonable prices.  It has a "quirky" atmosphere which adds to the dining experience.  Good anytime, but lunch allows you to see everything. 
  • Green Man - great English-style pub with wonderful Indian curry.
  • Don's Restaurant - A terrific selection of foods, both "western" and "Thai", including  Tex-Mex, BBQ'd ribs and much more.  Food is very good and reasonably priced.  Travel on Rt. 402 toward Ao Chalong.  Just past the Ao Chalong round-about, turn right, toward Nai Harn and travel about 5 km.  Don's is located on the right with the car park on the left side of the road.
  • Others too numerous to mention
Tailoring Services Maharaja Fashion, 29 Yarowat Rd.  Phuket Town.  PH:  076 216573.  This shop does good design and tailoring work and are moderately priced.  They speak very good English.

Travel Agents:

  • Emotion Travel, 104 Ratsada Rd.  Muang, Phuket Town  PH:  (076) 222320  Fax:  (076) 222420 Email   See Nujira Luasom
  • Gigat Services - Boat Lagoon.  See Amena

Beauty Salons:  Cut and Curl, Phuket Town, near Robinsons Department store

Framing: Inter Frame, Phuket Town behind Robinson's at 121 Tilok U-Thit Rd.  Mr. Likasit was very helpful and they did a good job.  (076) 232 159

Visa Runs - The following is one of the many companies who do visa runs to Myanmar.  You make a booking with them, travel on a mini-bus to Ranong where you cross over to Myanmar and voila! you have a new 30-day visa. Pickups are early in the morning and you return about 6pm.

  • Mike's Bikes, Ao Chalong, PH: 076 282354  They run 7 days a week to Ranong.  Call or make a reservation or Muzza (Canvas Creations) at Boat Lagoon can make them for you.

Things to Do: 

  • Sightsee around the island
  • Take an elephant safari
  • Go to the dinner and show at Fantasea - Fantastic!
  • See the show at Simon Caberet - loads of fun
  • Take an overnight trip on the bus to Bangkok
  • Visit Chiang Mai - a wonderful and affordable trip by train from Bangkok - allow 3-7 days
  • Visit Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

 More Information

  • Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand
  • Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume II - Stephen Davies and Elaine Morgan
  • Malacca Straits Cruising Guide 2000, Latitude One Publishing Pte Ltd.  (This book is no longer being published, although you may still find copies at Raffles Marina and Republic of Singapore YC in Singapore, or Copytime in Darwin.)
  • Sail Thailand - 1999-2000 3rd Edition, Artasia Press

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