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Salalah is not a difficult town in which to get around, but you need to be a little persistent and just drive around to find things.  There are:  
  • 2 main roads running N and S:  A'nahdah which ends at the Palace and Al Matar St.
  • 4 main roads running E and W: Rubat St. (Northern expressway),  23 July Rd., Al Salaam and Qaboos St. (along the south of the town). 
  • 3 main roundabouts:  Raysut (has a marine motif); the Water fountain roundabout at the intersection of Raysut Rd and An Nahdah; and the Clock Tower roundabout at the intersection of Raysut and Al Matar St.
This map indicates general location of the items shown.  It may be necessary to hunt around for the exact location.


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