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None at this location.

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Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) is one of the newest marinas in Singapore and is located on the south side of the island near the town of Clementi.


Floating docks Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump Out Facility

Gym, 2 Restaurants/Bars, Hotel, Swimming Pool, small Chandlery, small Boat Repair Yard, Buggy Service, Newspaper delivered to your boat everyday.

Mailing Address:
Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
52 West Coast Ferry Rd.

Dockmaster: Mark Ray



  • New  modern facilities. 
  • This is the closest marina to the Singapore City center.  It
  • RSYC runs a scheduled shuttle bus to/from Clementi MRT station.


  • Somewhat rolly due to ships moving in/out of nearby container facility.
  • No public bus service to marina.
  • No laundry facilities at the marina.

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Cruiser Amenities

Grocery Stores - Shop and Save is the closest supermarket and is located at Ginza Place on the lower level. It has fresh Chinese produce, some "western" produce and items, is clean and reasonably priced. (See Ginza Plaza under Shopping Centers for information on how to get here.)  The unpleasant odor you will smell at the store is a local fruit "delicacy" called Durian.  They are banned on the buses and MRT for obvious reasons.

Self-Service Laundry - Located at Ginza Plaza Shopping Centre. This is a dry cleaners/laundry shop on level 3. You can either do the laundry yourself (although it is really not set up very well for this) or leave it to be washed, dried and folded for you. The cost to do your own laundry is $5.00/load to wash and $1-$2 to dry. (The dryers are very hot and you should turn the heat down and use the extra $1.00 to dry them so that they do not wrinkle.) It costs $10.00 per 3 kilos for the laundry to be washed, dried and folded for you. (See Ginza Plaza under Shopping Centers for information on how to get here.)

Phone Cards - International phone cards can be purchased at the ferry terminal.

Shopping Centers -
Ginza Plaza is the closet to RSYC. It has a Supermarket, Laundry, Post Office, ATM, Internet access, Restaurants, McDonalds, KFC, and other shops)  You can get there by both bus and taxi.  See Buses and Taxis for directions.

Internet Access - Ginza Plaza has several "cyber cafes." Unfortunately, they are mostly used by teens to play video games VERY loud, but are good, fast connections and reasonably priced.

Postal Services - Ginza Plaza

Banks/ATMs - Ginza Plaza

Propane Gas Canister Refill - Chandlery at RSYC. Take empty bottle to chandlery and leave for them to have refilled.  It usually takes a day or two for this.

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Taxis - Taxis are everywhere in the area.  If there is not one RSYC, Reception will call one for you.  The fare to go to Ginza Plaza is about $3.50 and about $4.50 to get to the Clementi MRT Station

Bus - RSYC Shuttle Bus -  Because there is no public bus service to the marina, the club operates scheduled shuttle bus service to/from Clementi MRT station.  Get details and bus schedule from Dockmaster's office upon arrival.

Subway - The closest MRT station is the Clementi station (EW23). Take the train going East to get to the city and West to go to Raffles Marina. The trains run approximately every 2-5 minutes.  For more information on the MRT, see Singapore CBD page. (See Buses or Taxis info on how to get to the Clementi MRT.)

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Yacht Services

Chandleries -  

  • RSYC Chandlery located around the corner from the gym and toilets
  • Also see Singapore City Yacht Services

Charts/Marine Books - No charts at the chandlery, but they will order any Singapore chart for you.

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See Singapore - City

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 The following are services or places visited and recommended by Bob and Judi. We can only say that our experience was a good one and we hope that you will also have a favorable experience.
See Singapore - City

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