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Jaime and Gloria - US friends on the balcony of their home in Calpe

Fish auction market in Calpe

Paella - a true spanish dish at wonderful al fresco Spanish lunch at Hose and Benilde's home in Benidorm

Benilde serving flan at her home in Benidorm.


Alahambra fortress tower

Alahambra beautiful doorway

Tiled doorway

Intricate arched doorway

Lion courtyard

Beautiful courtyard and reflecting pool


Seville - a city with an authentic Spanish appearance and feeling

The carriages are a wonderful way to see the city and add to the charm of Seville

Alcarzar and gardens

Delicate carved wall

Alcazar fountain and fresco paintings

Authentic flamenco dancers - Seville is the home of flamenco dancing

The lady in black - Judi gets into the spirit of Spain


Bullfighter statue in front of the bull ring

Ronda - a lovely town perched up on a plateau

Bridge over the chasm between the old town and new

Striking spanish building

Another alleyway in the medieval city of Ronda




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