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  • Spa Creek before going through Spa Creek Bridge.  Although you cannot really anchor - you must pick up a mooring.

  • Spa Creek after going through Spa Creek Bridge.  Pick a spot, keeping clear of moorings and channel.

  • Whitehall Bay over by the radio towers.  This is a bit far from the city and there are no amenities, but it is a nice spot to get some peace and quiet.

  • Also see Annapolis - Eastport for more anchorages.

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City Docks -This is the premier location in Annapolis.  It is right in the heart of town and allows you quick access to all the wonderful shops, restaurants, pubs and atmosphere of this incredibly beautiful nautical town  Although it not fancy, it will be very difficult to get a berth as there are only about 20 slips available and is the most popular place for the local weekend cruisers.  During the Annapolis Boat Show, these berths are not available.  If you are already docked there, you must move to another marina or anchorage.


Docks with finger piers Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump Out Facility

Toilets, Showers at Dockmaster's office.


  • Right in the heart of town

  • Great atmosphere and excitement


  • Noisy as you are very close to the restaurants and pubs.

  • No locked gates  and little or no privacy as the public loves to walk the docks looking at all the beautiful boats - although this is not necessarily a negative if you like to have your boat admired.

Carroll's Creek Marina  Another very popular spot located again on the Eastport side of Annapolis Harbor with the Carrolls' Creek Cafe overlooking the berths.  They often have slips available for short-term berthage.


Docks with finger piers Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump Out Facility



  • Great views across the harbor to the city and Annapolis Yacht Club

  • Close to all the shops and restaurants in Eastport.

  • You do have a little more privacy here as it is more difficult for the public to wander around these docks


  • Close to Spa Creek Bridge which opens about every hour to let boat traffic through.  They always sound several horns when opening and closing and, of course, the boats wanting to go through sound horns to alert the bridge tender to their intentions.

Other Marina Berths in the City -

If you have an active membership in a prestigious yacht club that offers reciprocal privileges, you may be able to get a slip at one of the following Yacht Clubs.
  • Annapolis Yacht Club - located on the city-side of Spa creek at the foot of the Spa Creek Bridge.
  • Eastport Yacht Club - located on the Eastport side of the Harbor on the end of the point.

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Cruising Amenities

Since this is our hometown, we have personal experience with everything listed below.

Grocery Stores -

Self-Service Laundry - Maryland Avenue

Postal Services -

  • Main Post Office located on Church Circle
  • Annapolis Post Box also located  on Church Circle
  • You can also purchase stamps at any supermarket


Shopping Centers -
  • Main shopping areas in the city are Main St. and Maryland Ave.
  • Annapolis Mall - Generals Highway and Jennifer Rd. - about 10 miles from the city dock.  You can reach it by bus.  This is a mega-mall with just about every large department store you could ask for.
  • Also see Annapolis - Eastport
  • These are just a few of many shopping malls in the Annapolis area.

Propane Gas Canister Refill - Canisters can be refilled at Hardware House (Ace Hardware) at the Corner of Forest Drive and Bay Ridge Rd.

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Buses -   Annapolis City buses service the city and most of the close outlying areas such as Eastport, Bay Ridge, Annapolis Mall.

Taxis -  Everywhere in the city

Water Taxi - During the summer months and especially during the boat show, water taxis will ferry you across the harbor to Eastport and even to Back Creek.

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Yacht Services

Since this is our hometown, we have personal experience with everything listed below.

Chandleries -
  • Fawcetts - 110 Comprise St. - right on city dock
  • Viking Boat Supplies, 320 Sixth St.
  • Bacon & Associates, 112 West St  (Used sails and hardware)
  • Stevens Hardware -  Dockside - This is a great hardware store which stocks many marine items.
  • See Annapolis Eastport for others.

Canvas Shops - Marty's Bag Works, Rt. 2, Edgewater.  This lady does great work, is very conscientious and keeps her promises.

Charts/Marine Books -
  • Fawcetts Marine
  • Viking Marine
  • Maryland Nautical Sales - 1400 East Clements St, Baltimore, MD  21230  Although this place is not in Annapolis, they carry both US and foreign charts for any place in the world.  They also have Sailing Directions, flags, and many other items needed by the world-wide voyager.

Sailmakers - See Annapolis - Eastport

Other Yacht Services - See Annapolis - Eastport

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Dentists - See Annapolis - Eastport

Hospitals - Anne Arundel General Hospital

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The following are services or places visited and recommended by Bob and Judi. We can only say that our experience was a good one and we hope that you will also have a favorable experience.
Beauty Salons -
  • Very good, but expensive stylist on Maryland Avenue
  • Many others both in town and at the shopping malls

Barbers -  Several in town.  Look for the old-fashioned barber pole for the "real thing".

Liquor StoreMills Wine and Spirits - Has the best selection of wines from all over the world.  The staff is very knowledgeable and will help you select the most appropriate wine, within your budget,  for any menu or occasion.

Delis - Market House

Florists - Flowers by James - State Circle, Annapolis


  • Annapolis Mall
  • Bay Harbor Mall

Restaurants -  See Annapolis Entertainment

More Information - Visitor Information Center - City Dock

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