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There are a plethora of beautiful anchorages along the south coast of Turkey, but none in which you would want to spend the winter.  The best source for anchorages and marinas is the Imray Turkey and Cyprus Pilot.

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Setur Antalya Marina - This marina is located within the commercial port of Antalya, but is far enough away that it is really not that noticeable.  It is a fairly good marina, but is not being properly maintained.  As such it is a bit dilapidated in places.  The toilets and showers especially, definitely need improvement.  They have a cruise social room with a TV and video, but the year we were there, the roof leaked rather badly.  Hopefully, they have made some repairs.


Floating docks Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and *Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump out Facility  

Several facilities such as a tennis court, small cruiser social room, 2 toilet/shower blocks, restaurant, haulout facility with 2 travel lifts and hardstand area.  Telephone hook-ups to the boat,  Maintenance contractors located on the premises although you pay a little more because the marina takes a commission.  Storage lockers available for off loading unnecessary boat items and sails,

Mailing Address:
Setur Antalya Marina
Serbest Bolge Buyuk Liman 
PK 627 07070
Antalya, Turkey

Marina Manager:   Zafer Ergul
Phone:    90 (0) 242 259 1290
  90 (0) 242 259 1182
Mobile:  90 (0) 542 233 7513 
Hours:    0800-1700 hours daily
VHF:       09

  • Closest marina to city of Antalya
  • Close to a shopping mall with a good supermarket and cinemas - bus service available (20 minute drive)
  • Close to Cultural Centre with concerts, operas and ballet events throughout the year. (20 minute drive)
  • Good proximity to airport (30-40 minute drive)
  • Bus stop right outside gate of marina - Caution:  the Dolmus buses stop running about 8pm.


  • Water at the docks has a higher than desired salt content and is questionable as far as potability.  Some people do drink it without any side effects.  Please ask the office staff if it is safe to drink.

  • Water pressure very low when several people on the same dock are using the water.

  • The marina facilities are a little shabbily maintained and seem to be going downhill.

  • Despite 2 breakwaters, a large swell works its way in in strong southerly winds.  There was damage to at least 6-8 boats in the marina in the winter of 2003/2004.  There were 3 major storms with sustained winds over 50 knots that year.

  • With the exception of the small market and laundry, you must have transport to all other amenities.

Warning - There seems to be a liability problem when it comes to the mooring chains/lines and who has responsibility for them.  In Setur Antalya Marina, we were told (after there was storm damage to several boats) that the marina does not own  the lines that are used to attach your boat to the mooring chain and if it breaks and your boat is damaged or worse your boat damages another boat, then the marina is not responsible.  This is in spite of the fact that they hand you the line when you go into the berth.   We have yet to determine to whom these lines actually belong.  Also, it seems that if the wind is over 60 mph during a storm than the marina is not responsible for any damage to boats regardless of how the damage happened.  We cannot confirm the information regarding wind strength.  It is probably best to ask and get all answers in writing.

Park Kemer  - This is a marina resort with all the resort amenities but no swimming pool.  They have a fabulous cruisers social room in the back room of the Navigator Restaurant and many, many social acitivies.


Floating docks Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock IPump out Facility  

Several Restaurants, shops, travel agent, Phone, fax and computer hook-ups at dock.  Satellite TV hook-up to the boat.

Mailing Address:

Park Kemer Marina
Liman Caddesi
Kemer Yat Caddesi
Kemer, Antalya, Turkey

Harbor Master: 


  • Well protected area
  • Very good marina facitlites and loads of things to do in the marina
  • Many restaurants at the marina resort
  • Most cruising amenities such as markets, bakeries and small groceries are within walking distance.
  • Chandlery on the premises.
  • Lots of noise from all of the restaurants and discos in the resort.  This drops off significantly in the winter months.
  • Many of the amenities in the area close during the winter
  • The boats are moored very close together which may cause a problem in the winter months when the winter gales start to blow.

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Cruiser Amenities

All Amenities, except those noted, are located either at Setur Antalya Marina or the city of Antalya
Grocery Stores - 
  • Marina Market - This small market is conveniently located in the marina complex and has all of the basic essentials such as milk, fresh bread delivered each day, wine, beer, sodas, etc. and a small selection of fruits and veggies.
  • Migros - large supermarket located in the Migros shopping center
  • Many other supermarkets or grocery stores along the route to Antalya and in the city itself.

Internet  Access-

  • Webport  is located by the marina office and has 1 slow PC to access the internet.  No printer available.  1,000,000 TL per hour.  There are telephone connections for boats at the marina so you can access the internet on your boat if you have a globlal Internet Provider or if you purchase and install the local ISP software. See Internet Providers section under Miscellaneous heading.
  • There is also internet room at Park Kemer Marina.
  • There are many internet cafes in Antalya.  Consult guidebooks or ask other cruisers.

Banks/ATMs - Many banks and ATMs in the city of Antalya and at Migros Shopping Center.  There is also an ATM on the main road about 1 km. from the marina towards the city of Antalya.

Laundry - Laundry service is available at the marina near the little market.  The price in 2004 was 5,000,000 TL per washer load.  I usually paid 10,000,000 TL for a week's laundry.

Shopping Centers  
  • Migros is a very modern shopping mall located about 5 km. from Setur Antalya Marina.  The "anchor" store is Migros Supermarket, similar to most European or US supermarkets.  The mall has many upscale stores, including clothing, shoes, jewelry and homewares.  It even has a large cinema complex which shows movies in English.  Catch the dolmus at the marina gate.  It takes a roundabout route along the waterfront before eventurally traveling along the road next to the shopping center.  Just before it reaches the large intersection, signal the driver that you wish to get off.  There will probably be several other people leaving also.  The fare in 2003 was 750,000 TL.  NOTE:  The dolmuses usually stop running about 8pm.
  • Many shopping centers and arcades in the city of Antalya.

Drinking Water - The water at the dock is of questionable quality and does not taste very good.  20 litre bottles of drinking water are available at the market for 2,000,000 TL per bottle.  You must give them 8,000,000 TL for a deposit on the bottle.

Propane Refills -Ipragaz, Altinkum Mah. 100 Yil Blv. No. 206/A, Antalya.  This left side of the road on the way to Migros.  PH:  228 2192 

Industrial Area Eski Sanayi Sitesi -  This is a massive industrial complex where you can get almost anything you need, IF you only know where to go.  Ask at the marina office for directions or what bus to catch. 

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Bus Many Dolmus buses which run regular routes.  There is a stop just outside the Antalya Marina gate.  To catch the Dolmus bus to Kemer, you must walk out to the main highway (about 1 km.) and indicate for the bus to stop.  Caution:  The Dolmus busses stop running about 8pm. Car Rental - First Rent a Car -   Genclik Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad No. 45/A, PH:  0242 248 2448,  Fax:  0242 243 3396, email:,  Website: .  Located in the city of Antalya

Taxis - There is a taxi stand about 100 meters outside the Antalya Marina gate near where the cruise ship dock is.

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Yacht Services
  • Marti Marine - Akdeniz Bulv. Liman Mah
    Ph:  0 242 259 3825, Fax: 0 242 259 3826, Mobile: 0532 235 3017, email:  Manger:  Izzet Unlu 
  • Chandlery at Park Kemer Marina. 

Yacht Maintenance - Technic Services - located in the maintenance area of Setur Antalya Marina.  Technical Manager:  Ayhan

Engine Maintenance - part of the Technic Sevices on the Setur Antalya Marina premises.  See Ayhan

Refrigeration -  

Marine Surveyor - Marine Surveys & Consultancy, Richard OJ Naylor (Marine Surveyor), Netsel Marina, Marmaris, TR PH:  0252 413 8106/8833, Mobile:  0542 848 3934, email:, Website: 

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Demotologists - Akdeniz Universitisi Hastanesi,  PH:  0242 227 4343 Hospitals - Akdeniz Universitisi Hastanesi,  PH:  0242 227 4343

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 The following are services or places visited and recommended by Bob and Judi. We can only say that our experience was a good one and we hope that you will also have a favorable experience.
Restaurants - 
  • Ship Inn - This restaurant has good meals at reasonable prices.  Located at Setur Antalya Marina
  • Many restaurants at Park Kemer Marina
  • "Water" Restaurant" - We really do not know the name of this place but it is a small outdoor restaurant with great atmosphere.  It is located at one of the many mineral springs around the area and serves wonderful Turkish meals of lamb, fish, etc.  You can eat in one of the "booths" spread with Turkish cushions or at a traditional table and chairs.  You can even eat at a place with your feet in the cooling spring water - great when the temps are 90-100 degrees.  You can also bring your water jerry cans and fill them with this delicious spring water free of charge.  It is about 10 km. from Setur Anatalya Marina.  Ask the marina staff for directions or some of the long-term cruisers there.  Unfortunately it is not on a dolmus route, although if you get a group together, you can share a taxi.
  • Restaurant at the top of the mountain.  You can walk, drive or take a taxi up to the restaurant for a good meal (albeit a bit expensive) and enjoy the fabulous views.  There is also a small outdoor cafe which serves more reasonably priced meals.  If you drive up you may be asked to pay a "fee", which is reimbursable if you have a meal.  As this is a private road, the fee is a deterrent to those who just want to drive up for the view.
  • Many, many restaurants in Antalya and Kaleci.

Computer Repair -  AK-Bim Authorized Toshiba maintenance facility.  They are located in the city of Antalya at Eknaku Mah 15 Sk. Guclu Jan No. 5 Kat 1 Antalya.  PH:  0242 247 1424, Fax:  0242 241 0548.  They are a little hard to find, but very good at fixing computers.  They repaired our Toshiba which was drenched with fresh water during a storm.

 More Information

  • Lonely Planet Guide to Turkey
  • Imray Turkey and Cyprus Pilot - Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson
  • Imray Mediterranean Almanac - Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson
Internet Providers- E-Kolay - We used this provider which allows you to buy a package to establish service that includes 10 hours.  Thereafter you purchase "top-up" cards with a scratch off password that you input on the E-kolay website to give you more time.  You will probably need someone in the marina office to help you establish service as all instructions are in Turkish.  The help line has English speaking personnel. 
Some other providers are Turk-Net and SuperOnline.  They are all about the same as far as we can tell.  The one advantage to SuperOnline is that they have instructions in English.

Travel Agents -  

  • Havas - Park Kemer Marina complex PH:  0242 351 1600,  Fax:  0242 351 1621,  email:, Safak Ugur, Chief, Sales
  • Backpackers Travel Agency, Istanbul.  Sales Assistant:  Cengiz Tekjn.  PH:  0212 638 6343, 0242 638 6344.  Fax:  0212 638 3922 Mobile:  0555 242 8560, email ,  Website:  We used this agency several times. They are very professional, speak excellent English and have great prices for flights all over Europe and to the US and between Antalya and Istanbul.  We did everything over the phone and they couriered the tickets to the marina from Istanbul.  

Things to Do: 

  • Antalya Cultural Centre - has concerts throughout the year with a world-class symphony orchestra.  There are also wonderful Opera and Ballet performances and the cost for all of these events is minimal.   The marina usually gets excellent seats for the it's customers.  (For Park Kemer residents, the marina usually organizes a bus to go to these events.)
  • Visit the Kaleci area and ancient harbor in Antalya city.
  • Visit Aspendos Theater performances in the summer in the ancient city of Side.  This is about 1 hour drive from the marina.
  • Visit the many, many Roman ruins and historical sites in the area.

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