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Anchorage  for a few yachts is available in the channel just outside of the Bali Marina.  The water shoals abruptly, so watch depth gauge and consider the tides. Dinghies may land in the marina and be left at the dock.

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Bali International Marina  is located in Benoa Harbour - leave the main ship dock to Port and enter the marina after getting a slip assignment from the dockmaster on VHF channel 73.


Floating docks Self-service Laundry Yacht Maintenance Yard
Toilets Internet Access Travel Lift
Showers Receive & Hold Mail Chandlery on premises
Power and Water at berth Fuel Dock Pump Out Facility

Other amenities include a restaurant and bar and small shop with a few chandlery and clothing items and a drop-off laundry.  Power in 2000 was inadequate but being improved and water at dock is only for washing, not filling your tanks.  Drinking water can be bought in 20 liter bottles.

Mailing Address:  
Bali International Marina
Jl Raya Pelabuhan 
Benoa Harbour
Bali, Indonesia
PO Boxes 155/3621
Denpasar 8001, Bali


Dockmasters:  Dick McCune or Haryo
Phone:  (62) 361 723 601 or 361 723 602 


  • Only marina in town.

  • Reasonable restaurant and bar.


  • Power inadequate (usually 180-190 volts).

  • No potable water at docks

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Cruiser Amenities

Grocery Stores - Provisioning can be done at Macro supermarket in Denpasar, a $3 taxi ride from the marina.  They have most items a cruiser needs. They only accept cash.

Laundry 24 hour drop-off service at the marina office - expensive but good.

Propane Gas Canister Refill - Leave at dock-master office; refill in 24 hours.

ATM - several available at the Macro supermarket.

Postal Services - unknown

Internet Access -  Marina office - slow connection and expensive.  Other places available in Kuta - did not try them.


  • Kuta This is the main tourist town with wood carvers, name brand clothing stores, massage services and beaches and enough souvenirs to fill any suitcase. It is about a US$4 taxi ride from the marina.

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Buses -  Bemos (co-op vans) roam everywhere but taxis were so reasonable and convenient we never used the bemos. Taxis - Taxis roam everywhere in the local area, and can be called  by the marina office. Negotiate prices before you commit to the ride.  

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Yacht Services

Some common chandlery items can be bought at the Bali Marina.

Some Indonesian charts are available at the Marina chandlery at a high price - others can be ordered but the delivery time was not known.

Labor is cheap, and many cruisers take the opportunity to hire locals to strip and varnish and polish stainless while they tour the island - don't expect miracles but it won't cost much.

Other services probably available but not tried.

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The following are services or places visited and recommended by Bob and Judi. We can only say that our experience was a good one and we hope that you will also have a favorable experience.

Tours can be arranged through the marina office, or through any numbers of hustlers downtown. The highlights:

  • Rice paddies
  • Hindu temples
  • Volcanic lakes of Bratan and Batur on the north side of the island;  interesting, but packed with hustlers that will pester you until you buy or leave. 

This quaint town has souvenir shops, woodcarvers, artists, lots of restaurants, and a nightly Hindu play at the king's palace which is a 'must see' - for $US4. Stay at least 1 night and preferably 2.

Hard Rock Cafe - Need we say more?

More Information  

  • Lonely Planet Guide - Indonesia
  • Lonely Planet Indonesian Phrasebook
  • Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia - Volume II - Stephen Davies & Elaine Morgan

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