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Those of us from 'Western' countries usually trace our roots back to Europe - thus we wanted to explore all of the continent, not just the shore's edge.  With a motor-home loaded with our goodies we set out to explore it by road.

Our Approach: We decided to 'Cruise and Drive' Europe:

  • Cruise the Med during the summers

  • Hunker down in a warm spot during the winters

  • Drive around Europe mainland in between. 

Fall 2003
We flew to the UK, bought a modest motor-home and returned to Turkey, visiting 10 countries as cold weather chased us south.

Spring 2004
As the weather warmed we headed north, through Central Europe to meet friends in Finland and pick up Judi's niece in London.

Fall 2004
A short sailing season with Judi's niece then back to London, France and Spain.

Spring 2005
We explored Turkey from Marmaris to the Iranian border

Summer 2005
Cruised the south Turkish coast, Greece and settled on Italy southern coast

Fall-Winter 2005-06
From the lush New Forest in England to sunny Morocco we toured by land.

Spring-Summer 2006
Returning to Italy we cruised to Mallorca with Denis and drove thru France to England with Sharon and Linda.

Unlike Asia, with its very large countries, Europe has been fragmented over the centuries so a couple of dozen countries vie for space in an area smaller than North America.  Sights include references to Marcus Aurelius, Herodotus, the Hapsburgs, Marie Theresa, Troy (not the movie), and many other names from our school days.  We have felt rushed as we only spent a few days in many very interesting countries.  So far we have been able to see:

Western Europe - The origin of many of the colonized countries of Africa, the Americas and Australia/New Zealand, we found life very much like at home, although less hectic, cleaner, and a mite more civilized.  Our stops included:
  • Austria - just as pretty as 'The Sound of Music' painted it.
  • Belgium - clean, industrialized and wealthy
  • France - fabulous Paris and peaceful rolling farmlands, often covered in vineyards and beautiful Brittany
  • Germany - everything seems to work in this country 
  • Netherlands - from the 'Red Light District' of Amsterdam to the flat countryside, we enjoyed this quiet country.
  • Switzerland - future
  • United Kingdom - the most hectic of the countries, London is vibrant while the villages are still quaint.
  • Andorra - a small ski country governed afar by France and Spain.
Central Europe
  • Bulgaria - our first ex-Communist country, sort of drab but friendly and prospering
  • Czech Republic - we really only saw Prague, but it was one of our favorite cities.
  • Hungary - barely skimmed the surface
  • Poland - future
  • Romania - one of the limits of the Roman empire, roads were mediocre, towns quaint and people friendly
Mediterranean Europe
  • Croatia - future
  • Greece - great salads, pretty islands and a crumbling infrastructure
  • Italy - Venice is wonderful, the east coast was smoggy and dirty but lots more to see.
  • Spain - modern land of the siesta and many North Europeans seeking cheap living.
  • Turkey - friendly people and surprisingly Westernized
  • Morocco - exotic Middle Eastern atmosphere with a French flair amid mountains, snow and deserts
  • Denmark - future
  • Finland - clear lakes everywhere, a sauna in every home, and very civilized
  • Norway - beautiful mountains with perhaps the most stunning scenery in the world
  • Sweden - cold and barren in the north, lots more to see.

Eastern Europe


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